Christmas Morning 1998…

This is the day that changed my life forever. A large box sitting in the dining room, barely a wrapped gifts under the tree from Santa. The box had been in the dining room for a few weeks, and I’d never noticed it. I was only about 9 years old at the time, I just thought it was something for my parents. I thought nothing of it being for me. I snuck down stairs on Christmas morning, looked around, but was caught by my father who was cooking Eggs Benedict for breakfast for us all. A family tradition.

“Hey dude! Merry Christmas!!” He exclaimed. I started jumping up and down excited the same way every other child does on Christmas morning. My mother comes down stairs hearing all the noise, and we sit down for breakfast.

We decide to finally open gifts afterwards. I open all the small stuff. A yoyo, a few hot wheel cars, some candy in the stocking, but that’s it. I look at my parents perplexed. Both of them smiling, pointing at the box in the dining room.

“That’s yours too, go check it out.” My father says.

I get up, walk over to the box and read Dell on the side. I still don’t quite grasp what it is. I ask them what it is, and they laugh, realizing I hadn’t noticed it even though it had been there for almost a month.

“Its a computer! Like you have in your 3rd grade classroom. You hadn’t noticed it?” My mom speaks up. I shake my head no, but start smiling bigger than any other child on the planet. My dad cuts the tape on the box, and helps me open it…

And my life changed forever. A computer! In my own home! I couldn’t believe it. Little 9 year old me was shocked. Had no idea what to say or do. Stood there in disbelief. What is even going on? I got a computer?!?

We leave for my sisters later that day, didn’t finish setting it up, but I knew it was there and I was more excited than I ever could have been about anything else.

Let’s get to gaming and learning!!