Hard Lessons

Everything’s been amazing! I love my computer, I’m learning so much about it. I’ve even found some free games online and my older brother gave me DOOM Knee Deep In The Dead on Floppy Disk a few days after Christmas. Computers are such great machines. What more can I do with this thing?!?

Well, I’ve stumbled across something while searching stuff on Ask Jeeves. I wanted to download music. Figured this would be pretty harmless, right? My little 9 year old self was never so wrong… I discovered Limewire and BearShare. Of course, I installed them both. Not one of my brighter moments of my childhood, but hey, I was still learning.

At first, they seemed like harmless programs. I was downloading Brittney Spears, NSync, Backstreet Boys (my music taste was influenced by my nieces). Everything was going great. Then I discovered you could download movies. Don’t remember the first movie I tried to download, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen something take so long. I had to wait days for it to finish.

When the movie finished downloading, of course I wanted to watch it. I double clicked it to have it open up in Windows Media Player, but I wasn’t able to play the video file. Instead, I was greeted by a popup stating I didn’t have the correct “Media Codecs” and that they had to be downloaded. Alright, fair enough, I’ll download them. Why would anyone want to harm a 9 year old kind behind a computer screen anyway?

Viruses… Achievement unlocked! Your first Virus. Minus 500 gamer score. I’m freaking out, losing storage space on my PC as its just duplicating files and saving them to my computer. How do I stop it?!?

Well, I opened the Task Manager, found something, an executable, that was just random letters and numbers. I ended the task and it stopped! Remember, this is the 90s. Even the virus creators were idiots.

I did a bit more Ask Jeeves searching and discovered anti-virus software. Installed it, ran a scan, it picked up everything and removed it. That was much easier than it could have been.

I better be more careful