Its Been A Year

Its been an entire year since I got my computer. Couldn’t be happier. I’ve found some great games to play, learned my first programming language, learned to remove viruses, download music. What more could I ask for?!?

Well, a lot actually. My entire Christmas List and my entire family knew I wanted nothing but computer stuff, video games,  and Hot Wheels stuff. Always had a fascination with cars, just like computers.

I came down stairs on Christmas morning, just like the year before with my father cooking our traditional breakfast, and me as excited as a 10 year old boy can be for Christmas all over again. What may I have gotten?

Well, we sat down, opened gifts and I can safely say I was a happy child of course. My first Flight Simulator game and a Joystick! F-16 Multi-Role Fighter for PC! What an awesome idea for a game. I almost wanted to skip breakfast just to play the game. Online multiplayer over NovaWorld Intranet connection and a Delta Force FPS demo on disc. I couldn’t wait.

My parents were also told that our local library was going to start carrying computer software and games soon. Music to my ears.

Alas, we sat down for breakfast, enjoyed ourselves, went to my sisters house a few hours later and had an amazing day with them.

Onto the new year for learning new things!