My name is Dave Myers. I'm a hobbiest turned professional micro-electronics technician. I enjoy bit of what I do. I've been a repair technician for over 15 years. Repairing computers started as an actual job in 2010, and phones shortly there after.

When it comes to micro-electronics, they are apart of our daily life, whether we like it or not. From the phones in our pockets to the laptops in our bags to the game consoles at home. We use them for all forms of entertainment.

My journey with micro-electronics started when I was just 8 years old. My parents bought be a Windows 98 desktop computer for Christmas. We set it up a few days later and I was immediately hooked on trying to figure out just whatt I could do with it. I started writing my own batch files early on, learned to crack games fairly early, started modding game files when I could, then eventually needed to upgrade hardware. It never ended.


Partners, Friends and Family help keep me going in my business. Without them, I wouldn't have learned everything I know and wouldn't be able to send you to the right people when needed!

SalvageData Recovery

BearBones Phones


To keep your electronics working and to make sure they get the long life they deserve.

I hate seeing perfectly good electronics end up in landfills. All of us want to leave a good healthy planet for our children, and their children. Simply throwing away a phone, tablet or laptop and letting it rot in a landfill, it will just stay there basically forever. The toxins from the battery will spill into the soil, and make for a toxic enviornment to life near.

I enjoy tinkering with things people would otherwise throw away. I collect vintage hardware, sell vintage hardware, repair it and more. There's something satisfying about keeping these micro-electronics working, even well past their prime.